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Montage Sample

iPhone video from projector

iPhone images from projector

Montage is the first visual effects application I am developing. The way it works: Two clips are selected randomly from a library of over 100 videos that have been compiled and stylized. The pair of videos are played through a looping video mask. It is a collage that puts you in two worlds at the same time. In real life, Montage is never the same at any given moment. If you blink, you might never see it again.

Hoping to make it downloadable soon. (Most effective on a projector).

This inspiration came from wanting to create one of these vintage television installations at home for general entertainment, but I didn’t want the extra junk, buzzing noise and a gigantic electricity bill.

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Delta Clipper


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Polyfauna Adventures


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Montage Test 02

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian desert from Google Earth


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